Willow Ridge Riders Club

The Willow Ridge Riders is an independent member-driven social and collaborative club that began in 2009.  The purpose of the club is to provide a casual and supportive social and learning environment for riders of all ages and disciplines.

One thing many members are interested in pursuing are the Equine Canada Rider Levels in English and Western and as a club we are looking to organize workshops to prepare for testing, and the testing itself in conjunction with some of the coaches at Willow Ridge.   Aside from showing, there is also interest in trail riding amongst the members.

Club members recognized a need for more schooling shows and over the winter of 2009-2010, the club hosted a total of four schooling shows in English and Western, open to the public.  Club members and friends have also been hard at work improving the jumping and trail equipment for use in lessons, training, and shows.

The club has also coordinated or helped to bring clinicians in for everyone’s education.  There are other ideas for clinics or events like Le Trec, Showmanship, Leather Braiding, Lunging, Groundwork.

It’s also a way for fellow riders to connect and share information about events and possibly trailer space. 

Willow Ridge Winter Schooling Show(s) – Winter

A more casual, learning-oriented show environment.  Set yourself some goals this winter and gain feedback on your performance.  Maybe try something new, or get a sense for just how a show “runs”.   Anyone is welcome to enter, but priority will be given to members of the club first, and there will be a limit on the entries per class.

Willow Ridge Riders’ Horse Show – Summer and now Autumn too

The first event hosted by the Riding Club was a SHF Heritage Circuit open all-breed horse show in late July 2009.  This tradition has continued, largely focused at this time on English show classes.

More about the Club

Everyone who hangs out at the Barn, be it as a boarder, student, or friend, is welcome to join the club and take part.