Riding Lessons at Willow Ridge Stables

Horseback riding lessons are taught at Willow year-round in a variety of disciplines, for all ages, and all levels. All lessons are taught by certified coaches and instructors. Lessons may be available in group, semi-private, and private formats.

If you do not board at Willow you can trailer-in your own horse.  For students who do not have their own horse, there is a wide variety of school horses available. Students are matched to horses based on experience, suitability, and size.

Part-board arrangements or horse leases may also be available with privately owned horses. This is not always advertised, but may be arranged through your instructor.

As students progress, depending on their situation and interest they will be encouraged to seek their own horse or at least a part-board arrangement. Having access to a horse to ride between lessons, and possibly to show, is key to ongoing development as a rider.

All beginning riders, all youth riders, and all riders over jumps, are required to wear an approved helmet and footwear. A few helmets are available for students who are just trying out a few lessons, but after that they should have their own. Discuss with your coach or instructor about your requirements. Appropriate equipment can be purchased in Saskatoon or online from a variety of sources.

Who rides at WRS?

Any level: Beginners, intermediate, or advanced.  Competitive or casual.

Any age: Children, youth, adult, and “re-riders” (returning to riding after a few years).

Many disciplines: Hunters, Dressage, Jumpers, Reining, Western Pleasure, Trail, Polo, and whatever!

If you are interested in an all-around exposure to horses and horsemanship, a chance to see and experience the full breadth of equestrian sports and recreation, and to learn from fellow riders, then Willow Ridge might be your kind of horse facility.

To start with lessons…

To get started riding at Willow Ridge Stables, call the main office at (306) 373-4317 to discuss your training goals and timelines. You’ll be matched to the appropriate instructor or coach to suit your schedule and needs, English or Western.

If interested in polo, contact the Saskatoon Polo Club directly.

Equine Canada Rider Levels – English & Western

The nationally recognized Equine Canada Rider Level Program is a systematic learning tool to develop and train the equestrian athlete.  Participants develop skills and knowledge in horsemanship, stable management, and riding, and learn the tools for their own development.  The team at Willow Ridge are excited to be bringing this program forward in a fun and accessible manner for all riders of all ages.  Haul-ins, boarders, and students are welcome.

Clinics and Special Events:

Occasionally, special clinics or instructional events are hosted at Willow Ridge Stables. In 2011, there will be clinics focused on Jumping, Reining, Western Pleasure, Dressage, and more. Check the Events Calendar for more information, or call (in case we haven’t updated the events calendar because we’re too busy riding horses!)

Call for more information.

Phone: 306-373-4317